Simone I. Smith

Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Cousin, Auntie, Friend, Survivor, Entrepreneur

Simone I. Smith is all of those women. By her own admission, she's also a woman of strength, integrity and style... traits upon which she's relied on to keep her grounded as she's traveled along her journey with the launch of her signature jewelry collection. Smith is poised to transform her life-long affection for accessories into a thriving enterprise, one pair of dangling earrings at a time.

Back in the 80s, when hip-hop was
just finding its footing, Smith was coming into her own as well. Raised under the watchful eyes of her Grandparents, The Queens, New York Native grew up during an era when asymmetrical bobs and acid-washed denim her all the rage. It was also a time when every girl on her block was wearing big, chunky earrings. In fact, Smith still has the first pair of gold 'Doorknockers' she received as a gift when she was a teenager.

'I was 17 years old when we met and I'll always remember the day that he bought me those earrings,' she says of her husbands, entertainment icon LL COOL J.